RedLaser Feed Submission

RedLaser Feed Submission

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Go Data Feed
Other Networks
Including: Mercent, eBay Affiliate Network,
Commission Junction, and more


You can find your CUID and your FUID in the URL provided by GoDataFeed for RedLaser. In the URL, find the sections "fuid=" and "cuid=". Place the following characters in the section below.

For additional instructions, please refer to GoDataFeed's documentation.

Single Feed

This information is in the URL you receive from SingleFeed.

For additional instructions, please refer to SingleFeeds's documentation.

RedLaser Feed Format

RedLaser has its own, simple, data format.
You can find details on our feed format here: RedLaser's feed specifications

Google Base Feed Format

RedLaser supports the Google Base feed format (also known as the Google Product Feed), which used to be used for submission to the Google Affiliate network. See the full Google's feed specifications

The path should be a URL or FTP path to your file.
For example: or

This should be the actual name of the file (e.g., data.txt).
This file name can include a date in the YYYYMMDD format.
To include a date, insert %DATE% into the filename provided.

Other Networks

RedLaser supports many other feed types. Just select your feed below, and we'll be in touch to identify any additional information required to ingest your feed. Just remember that all feeds must include UPC information!

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