> Unparalleled flexibility

Unparalleled flexibility

Last updated on June 11, 2012

RedLaser offers developers unparalleled flexibility in scan-screen design across all platforms.

Using RedLaser, you can:

  • Change the scan overlay image
  • Add buttons and change the location of the buttons, including toggles
  • Add dynamic content based on the barcodes scanned
  • Play different sounds in response to scanned codes
  • Track barcodes as they move across the screen (or provide confirmation for densely packed barcodes)

And a whole lot more. A few apps which show the flexibility of the RedLaser engine include:

Chegg uses excess space for scanning instructions.

Blush embeds the camera view deep into their custom UI.

Goodreads makes use of dynamic scan screens to immediately show results.

RedLaser dynamically detects the barcode type, and decides whether to send users to a results screen on the fly.