> Extensive barcode support

Extensive barcode support

Last updated on June 11, 2012

You can see a detailed list of the barcodes types we support here. What you really need to know is that RedLaser supports more barcode types than all of our major competitors.

Even if you don’t need to support more codes now, selecting RedLaser gives you the flexibility to expand the capabilities of your application later.

We support the standard barcodes used on most retail products — but we also support specialized codes which can be used to power new features in your application.

  • Code 39 — used for vehicle identification numbers and frequently for inventory tracking
  • Codabar — used for FedEx package tracking and at blood-banks
  • EAN2 — used for issue numbers in magazines and newspapers
  • EAN5 — used for storing manufacturer’s recommended product prices

We also regularly update the barcode types we support. If you need us to support another barcode type, get in touch!