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Last updated on February 14, 2012

The RedLaser SDK can be used with or without a license file. With no license file, the SDK runs in evaluation mode, and limits the number of scans per device. The limitations imposed when a license file is present depend on your licensing terms.

When you signed up as a developer, you generated a license file named “RedLaser_License.xml”. You will need add this file to your project.

The license file is digitally signed. Do not modify it. This includes modifying line endings, which some source control systems like to do. The files are currently being generated with Unix-style LF line endings, although it’s possible that could change; the correct line ending style is ‘what it was signed with’.

Your license file has a list of all the application bundle IDs you’ve registered with RedLaser.com. The SDK will only work correctly in licensed mode if it’s being used in one of the applications you’ve registered.

The license file must be in the application’s root bundle, such that it can be loaded with:

[[NSBundle mainbundle] pathForResource:@"RedLaser_License" ofType:@"xml"];

License file problems

Note: License issues are the single biggest cause of failure with the RedLaser SDK.

If you are running into “Unregistered SDK Limit Reached” or “Unrecognized combination of key,” errors, the issue is typically a license problem. The simplest license issue is that you haven’t upgraded. Our evaluation license is limited to approximately 25 scans per device, while our developer license is limited to 50 devices.

If you’ve already paid for a license, here are a few steps you can try to identify the root cause of this issue:

  1. Old / inaccurate license files. Make sure first that your bundle ID/package ID is listed properly on our developer portal. To confirm this, you can open your license xml file, and you should see the string there. After confirming this, download a new version of the license.
  2. Improper installation. To identify whether the issue is with the license file or your application, change the name of the RedLaser sample application so that it has the same bundle ID as your application, then try running it with the license file. If you scan 25 times and receive an error, the issue is with the license file — please zip the sample app and send it to us for further analysis. If the sample applications works, try the next bullet point.
  3. Frequently, development environments cause issues. The two areas to look for are:
    • Repositories and caching — make sure you’ve cleared out old versions of the application and license. Sometimes, these files don’t get updated properly, and the new license isn’t reflected
    • Some development environment append text to files or file names. Make sure the license file is the exact same–with the same name–before and after adding it to your application.