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A Quick Tour

Last updated on July 2, 2012

The RedLaser SDK scans barcodes using the camera on an Android device. It returns the text strings of the barcodes it finds to the calling activity, along with some other information.

The RedLaser SDK does not include a lookup service for UPC or EAN barcodes. The SDK itself can tell you that it read the barcode “305730-150484” but not that that barcode is for a bottle of Advil.

The SDK is designed to let application developers design a scanning UI that meets the needs of their application. It’s important to understand that the SDK itself only puts up the camera preview. Everything else in the scanning screen is the responsibility of the application–including the Done or Cancel button.

The SDK is designed to be called as an Activity. For licensing reasons we only allow it to be called from within the same application. You can read more about this in the section on licensing.

You will need to purchase a license in order to deploy applications that use the RedLaser SDK, and you will need to include a license file with your shipping application. The license file can be generated at http://redlaser.com/developers/.

The SDK uses a scanning philosophy of “scan everything, report all results, let the application decide what to do with them”. This means that a scanning session doesn’t end when a barcode is found–it ends when the application requests it. It also means that we scan the entire camera area for barcodes and report where onscreen they were found. An application looking for barcodes to appear within a specific area of the screen can then simply check the barcode’s onscreen location against the bounds of their chosen subarea.