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Last updated on February 12, 2012

Welcome to developing with the RedLaser SDK! This guide will guide you through some of the key decisions and challenges in integrating the RedLaser SDK and getting barcode scanning into your iOS or Android application.

What the RedLaser SDK is

The RedLaser SDK is the code required to implement a barcode scanner into your application. Our SDK does not include access to our data, access to the full RedLaser application code, or other input options (like voice or image recognition).

What it takes

Using the RedLaser SDK requires that you have a developer who knows how to create an iOS or Android application. You will also need a database of information to transform the outputs of RedLaser–a barcode number–into meaningful information.

Good starting places for this kind of information include:

Where to start

The Developer SDK for RedLaser includes a Sample app that shows how the SDK can be used. It is intended to be a simple demonstration of the SDK’s capabilities, and shows a somewhat simple way to use the SDK from an app. The source code in the Sample app itself should not be confused with the SDK. You are free to copy the code in the sample app if you wish, but you’re also free to use the SDK in a way different than what the Sample app does.