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Father’s Day predictions from RedLaser

Published on | By Miles Skorpen

After the 2011 holidays, we studied RedLaser’s the most scanned items and compared them to official lists of the most popular Christmas gifts. It quickly because apparent that RedLaser’s most-scanned lists are remarkably representative of the population, and we could have predicted the most popular gifts months in advance of Christmas.

With this in mind, we’ve got a few predictions Father’s Day.

Apple products, particularly the iPads and iPhones, are enormously popular. 82% of all tablets scanned are an iPad model. The Kindle Fire and Asus Transformer are the nearest competitors, with about 9% each.

It isn’t just tablets, though. The variations on the 16gb iPhone 4S take the top 3 spots on our list of top phones scanned … and iPhone cases (particularly the LifeProof Case) are aslo extremely popular.

Music equipment – particularly headphones – have surged in popularity over the past week. Versions of the Beats by Dr. Dre headphones are by far the most popular, though Bose also makes a strong showing.

For the Dads who don’t get headphones, they’ve can hope for home stereo equipment. Particularly popular are wireless units, so wires won’t be strewn all over the living room. The top wireless units came from Samsung, LG, and Bose.

Finally, appliances have surged in two categories: baby monitors and coffee makers.

The popular baby monitors are impressive machines, with cameras, recording solutions, and a full range of movement controls. The Motorola MB396 is the most popular model.

A wide range of coffee machines are popular. The leading brands are Keurig and Mr. Coffee. Particularly popular are models which include pre-packaged pods, removing the need for filters and messy bean disposal. So Dads — expect to wake up to a fresh new cup of coffee on Sunday morning!


RedLaser scan statistics

Published on | By Emily Zhang and Miles Skorpen

As RedLaser continues to grow in leaps and bounds, we’ve got a suite of metrics we study in order to understand our users. Like most mobile applications, we see a heavy use in the most populated, and tech-savvy, cities — San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Philadelphia.

But, like the photo-sharing network Pinterest, we also see heavy usage outside of the typical technology heartland — states like Utah, Colorado, Missouri, Idaho, North Dakota, and Arkansas are full of RedLaser devotees!


Android users are more likely to scan soda and cigarettes than their iOS peers

Published on | By Miles Skorpen

When people download RedLaser, their first inclination is to scan the closest product with a bar code. Our database records of first scans then gives a picture of what our users have close at hand upon first getting the application. The categories aren’t big surprises — sodas, media (like books and movies), cigarettes, and electronics.

However, we have been surprised to find that these first scans vary dramatically between our two largest platforms.

Google ChartGoogle Chart

Android Initial Scans

Android users, we’ve discovered, have cigarettes and soda as 57% of their first scans, while those categories only make up 29% of the first scans for iOS users — instead, vastly more likely to scan electronics and twice as likely to scan media — particularly games and movies.

While within these categories, similar items are popular, we did notice one other important difference–soda preference. Android RedLaser users not only prefer soda, they prefer more sugary sodas compared to their iOS-using peers.

SSR* iOS Android
1 Coke Coke
2 Diet Coke Mountain Dew
3 Mountain Dew Pepsi

* SSR: Soda Scan Ranking