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Cisco research finds that mobile has a growing impact on in-store shopping

Published on | By Miles Skorpen and Rob Veres


Earlier this year, Cisco released some fascinating research on how users make shopping decisions in stores. The slides are packed with data, but some of the most interesting points we found:

  1. Between 2010 and 2011, online reviews trumped friend/family recommendations for the first time — much of this must be because shoppers finally can get the reviews while shopping, via RedLaser and other apps (page 9)
  2. Shoppers are really interested in using in-store kiosks and tablets. Companies like Sephora have combined this by creating unique shopping experiences combining iPad-kiosks using RedLaser. You can read more about their work on TechCrunch! (page 11)
  3. Women love shopping companions like RedLaser! 1 in 2 women like price comparison, and nearly 40% are looking for deals on big items to be pushed right to them. The biggest categories here are grocery and electronics, which is definitely what we’ve seen in RedLaser usage. (page 18)


Onavo, IDC, and Nielsen find RedLaser is the leading price comparison app

Published on | By Miles Skorpen

RedLaser has had a great month for press. Some of the biggest names in mobile analytics have released studies looking at RedLaser’s role in mobile shopping.

First came Nielsen. In their report, they identified the most popular shopping apps, and we made the list! RedLaser is the top shopping research app—as opposed to retailer-specific applications, like Groupon or Target. If you want to find a great deal, or make sure you’re buying the right product, RedLaser has you covered.

Moreover, while we can’t reveal exactly what companies we work with, six of the top ten apps in Nielsen’s list currently leverage RedLaser technology.

Following closely on the heels of this study, IDC and Onavo looked at price comparison applications. This report specifically compared RedLaser to ShopSavvy, Amazon’s PriceCheck, and BarcodeReader. Onavo and IDC discovered that RedLaser is the dominant app in the space, with 50% more active users than ShopSavvy, 200% more than Amazon, and 4000% more than BarcodeReader.

This is really great to see, and validates our work and improvements over the past year. And we’ve got a lot more updates and huge improvements coming out soon, so stay tuned!