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Creative marketing from Scott Blake

Published on | By Miles Skorpen

Hitman: Mobile & Street Art Collide from New Science Agency.

The New Science Agency is at the cutting edge of marketing. For a recent campaign to promote Square Enix’s new Hitman video game, they turned to Scott Blake, an artist known for creating fascinating portraits using a collage of UPC codes, and created an unusual mural for downtown San Francisco.

While creating the artwork, the Agency assessed most available scanners, and concluded that RedLaser simply worked better than the competition. Kyle Mortensen, the CEO + Creative Director at New Science Agency, told Creative Guerrilla Marketing that “Red Laser seems to be the best app by far for scanning any barcodes, period.”


RedLaser scans PDF417: Drivers licenses, IDs, and more!

Published on | By Miles Skorpen



The RedLaser iOS SDK version 3.4 has an exciting new feature: PDF417 scanning.

PDF417 is a stacked linear 2D barcode, which means it is a cross between a standard 1D barcode (like the well-known UPC) and the most famous 2D barcode type, the QR code. They’re popular for use in areas which sit at the line between industry and consumer usage: unlike QR codes, PDF417 codes are typically read with industrial linear barcode scanners, and they’re used for US postage, airplane tickets, and FedEx tracking labels.

Most importantly, at least for our US users, the PDF417 is the only barcode type approved by the Department of Homeland Security for  RealID-compliant drivers licenses. This is, in part, because a PDF417 barcode can store a lot of information: almost everything on the front of a driver’s license is stored in the barcode.

This means that you can integrate barcode scanning into user registration or shipping flows to increase conversion and avoid user mistakes! Imagine: One scan, and the user’s address is filled in. Or scan, and their birthday, name, and contact information is added to your registration form.

The barcode format is pretty easy. In South Carolina, for example, the data contained in the code looks like this:



From this data, you can gather a name (Driver Credential Sample), address (1500 Park St, Columbia, SC 29201), height (6′ 00″), weight (200lb), and birthday (09/28/1978). Dedicated scanners to get this data can cost over $1,000 per device, so using the RedLaser SDK makes a scanning drivers licenses cheap, in addition to easy.

Get RedLaser now, to start scanning drivers licenses!


RedLaser and Rock The Vote are changing the future of voter registration

Published on | By Thia Laurain and Miles Skorpen

Here at RedLaser, we’re always looking ahead, which is why we’re so excited to have recently launched a partnership with Rock The Vote, as part of our mission to change the future with the click of a button.

The QR code-based “Scan To Vote” campaign is set out to revolutionize the way that millions of people in the United States register to vote. Hoping to register at least 1.5 million out of the 44 million eligible young voters by November 6th, the “Scan To Vote” campaign utilizes the device most-beloved by eligible young voters: the smartphone.

By simply scanning the custom “Scan to Vote” QR code (emblazoned on promo materials at events, the website, in print media, and on this year’s Rock The Vote t-shirts) on your smartphone with RedLaser, you are taken to a 5-step voter registration guide, which is then emailed to you to print out and mail in.

Merging of mobile technology with the historically offline voter registration process is a significant advancement: until recently, smartphone-enabled registration was unheard of, and, during the last Presidential election, registering to vote online was only available in 10 states!

By opening up mobile as an optional channel in the voting registration process, we hope to enable and inspire millions of eligible young voters in the United States to exercise their rights and have their voices heard – all from the palm of their hands.

Follow #ScanToVote on Twitter to see why Rock The Vote’s celebrity ambassadors are so excited about this campaign, and check out the “Scan To Vote” Control Room to see why you should scan to vote now! For further questions or follow ups, please don’t hesitate to let me know.


RedLaser and Junk Food Clothing partner for next-generation shopping experience

Published on | By Emily Zhang and Miles Skorpen

RedLaser and Junk Food Clothing have partnered to create an awesome new shopping experience in San Diego, during Comic-con. Watch this short video to see how it works.

The shirts, all from an incredibly soft fabric with relaxed fit, are part of Junk Food Clothing’s retro Comic collection. A few of our favorites are these:

You can get one for yourself at the Michael J Wolf Fine Arts Gallery, just a few blocks from the heart of Comic-con! More locations will be popping up across the country in the coming days and weeks.


QR Codes for Russian roulette

Published on | By Miles Skorpen

We recently stumbled on an inspired use for QR codes from Prosthetic Knowledge: a safer version of Russian roulette. Instead of a chambered round, this QR code might send you to an (in)famous internet video … or to cute photos of baby animals.

Take out RedLaser and test your luck!