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Taming the market in your pocket

Published on | By Miles Skorpen and Rob Veres

RedLaser general manager, Rob Veres, joined Don Chennavasin of Groupon, Tamara Mendelsohn from EventBrite, and Andrew Vilcsak from AirBnB on Tuesday for a panel discussion on taming the market in your pocket.

The discussion touched on mobile development organization design, how / if to integrate both merchant and user tools into a single application, the risk of notification-overload, and how consumers use mobile.

You can see the Twitter back-channel to the discussion on the #TameMarket hash-tag. site not working server .


RedLaser’s SxSW kickoff party

Published on | By Miles Skorpen

RedLaser is kicking off SxSW with a bang this Sunday, with an exclusive party at Austin’s Speakeasy that will feature performances by Okkervil RiverTyphoon, and DJ Chicken George.

Austin-native and indie-rock band Okkervil River is headlining the event, with music comparable to Arcade Fire and Titus Andronicus

Make sure to RSVP for this 21+ event

Okkervil River performing their 2005 hit, “Our Life is Not a Movie or Maybe”:

This show is the second annual RedLaser SxSW party, following last year’s show, featuring Chromeo. find a domain


RedLaser at the Mobile World Congress

Published on | By Miles Skorpen

Next week, RedLaser is heading to the Mobile World Congress, a 60,000-attendee-strong conference held in Barcelona every year. We’re part of a broader eBay and PayPal coalition, all presenting a vision for the future of commerce, as the distinctions between online and offline shopping, buying, and researching continue to blur.

You can find RedLaser in Hall 7, hall of the “App Planet”:

MWC 2012 Map
MWC 2012 Map

Please drop by our booth to talk with us, but also to get some free coffee, espresso, and beer.

We’re also sponsoring the central paella restaurant. This sponsorship will highlight how RedLaser and PayPal can work with stores to make mobile purchases really easy. Conference-goers will be able to purchase paella (at a discount) from the RedLaser application, and pick it up without waiting in long lines. This marks the first demonstration of this kind of capability in a service setting, but it is an outgrowth of our partnership with Toys”R”Us.

RedLaser Paella Stand at MWC
The RedLaser – PayPal Paella Stand at the Mobile World Congress

Inside the stand, there will be a number of prominent QR codes. Scan one in RedLaser, and you’ll get a purchase screen which will look like this:

RedLaser Paella Workflow
RedLaser-PayPal-powered Paella

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