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Thanksgiving with RedLaser

Published on | By Miles Skorpen and Chris Wang


RedLaser had an amazing Thanksgiving holiday, with huge spikes in usage. Overall, we saw four times more usage than a typical Friday! On Thursday, we watched as our users finished Thanksgiving and went out to stores in force, nearly matching our peak volume from Friday. Then, on Black Friday, user’s shopping behavior was shifted earlier in the day — we saw enormous usage started at midnight, and then peaking in the mid-morning, versus typical Friday shopping which starts as people leave work in the afternoon.

For deals, people know to shop for electronics on Black Friday. The most popular items were HDTVs and Blu-ray players, followed by a host of video games, like Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Halo 4, and the Wii uDraw Game Tablet.  There were some items which were much more popular as keyword searches, rather than scans — our research suggests that these would be people trying to figure out where to buy some of the hottest toys of the season nearby. Some of these items were Skylanders products (as we predicted earlier this month!), Furbies and the LeapPad 2.



CNN Money recommends RedLaser

Published on | By Miles Skorpen

Laurie Segall reveals how to use RedLaser to find great deals from stores around you! Laurie uses the app to find a great place to buy a furby — one of the hottest toys of the season. Watch below, or on the CNN website.